Terms and Conditions

This is our Priority Service Level Agreement.

1. General Overview

The purpose of this document is to establish a two-way understanding between the Customer and Crow and Raven Inc. regarding the web and professional support services available. This document lays out the practices regarding web support which Crow and Raven will follow. These practices are intended to yield a high quality, reliable web experience for eligible customers.

2. Service Description

This Service Level Agreement specifically describes the web and professional support services provided by Crow and Raven.

2.1 Scope

This Service Level Agreement applies to Crow and Raven developed and hosted websites.

Support is provided by the most efficient method available. Currently, opening a ticket via email is the recommended approach but assistance may also be obtained via support ticket escalation for high severity issues, telephone and in-person via your Account Manager or Crow and Raven Staff by means of a scheduled appointment.

2.2 Services

Web support services include everything from web server maintenance to digital strategy consultation and everything in-between. Get more information on the exact services we provide on the Plans and Pricing page or our main website

3. Roles and Responsibilities

3.1 Crow and Raven Support Responsibilities

Crow and Raven Support will provide the infrastructure, technology, personnel, processes, and monitoring tools necessary to deliver web and professional support as described in this document, and Crow and Raven Support to:

  • Meeting response times associated with the priority assigned to individual service requests.
  • In the case of Crow and Raven Support services and other explanatory materials, develop content following the appropriate Crow and Raven Support template and upload to the appropriate area of the Crow and Raven Support site using information provided by the content sponsor.
  • In the case of non-Crow and Raven Support content, assist with posting content provided by the content sponsor to the appropriate area of the customer website as agreed with the content sponsor.

3.2 Customer Responsibilities

Customer responsibilities in support of this Agreement include:

  • Using the standard contact methods (see Section 4 below) to request web support services.
  • Reviewing draft design concepts, web pages suggestions, ticket replies, and all other communication dependencies in a timely fashion.
  • Regularly reviewing page content for which they are responsible and communicating any required updates or new content to Crow and Raven Support in a timely fashion.

3.3 Support Limitations

We are not a web hosting company and are not responsible for web hosting issues. That being said, we'll do everything we can to work with your selected web host to ensure your website stays running and secure. If you use one of Crow and Raven's recommended hosts, we can better guarantee our support.

Crow and Raven can potentially support other technology outside of your website. However, we don't guarantee a resolution in all cases due to the limitations of our time and experience. This includes third-party CRM support, email issues, or other general computer issues.

Crow and Raven, also, cannot guarantee security patches and updates to any third-party software. Crow and Raven will apply patches and updates as they are available. However, Crow and Raven is not responsible for any software that it didn't create.

4. Requesting Service

4.1 Web Support Requests

Crow and Raven offer four methods to submit web support requests.

4.1.1 Support Ticket via Email

Sending an email to Crow and Raven at support@crowandraven.com is the recommended method for requesting web support assistance. The request will be delivered to all members of the Crow and Raven Support team, ensuring that it is reviewed promptly. Unless designated urgent, requests made via email will be processed in the order in which they are received during normal hours of operation.

4.1.2 Support Ticket via Web Portal

Customers may also submit requests for assistance with web support via the CNR Support Portal by visiting https://support.crowandraven.com. The customer can create an account if they do not already have one, then submit a request. Requests submitted via this channel for customers who have existing accounts will be automatically associated with your account and contact information, and you can keep track of your ticket's progress directly on the support website. Requests made via the web are processed during normal hours of operation.

4.1.3 Telephone

Urgent support requests may be made by telephone to special support number provided by your account manager. Messages left during off hours will be processed the next business day.

4.1.4 In-Person

The Crow and Raven Support Team emphasize the importance of meeting with customers face-to-face, both before and after sites have been deployed. Crow and Raven Support Team members are located in the Boulder, CO home office; please email support@crowandraven.com or your account manager for an appointment.

4.1.5 Limitations

While the phone is an acceptable method of requesting support, at no time should text/SMS be used for Crow and Raven support requests. You are responsible for using one of the accepted methods of communication listed above.

Emailed tickets and tickets submitted through the support portal occur no additional cost. However, time spent on the phone and in-person meetings will be deducted from your available hours.

5. Hours of Coverage and Response Times

5.1 Hours of Coverage

Crow and Raven Support is provided Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Standard Time, on regular business days. This level agreement does not guarantee 24/7 support.

5.2 Response Times

Crow and Raven Support will use the following guidelines to prioritize web support requests, with the goal of beginning to work on the problem within the target timeframe. Actual response times may be shorter or longer, depending on the volume of requests being handled at any one time.

5.2.1 Time-sensitive Requests

This includes code issues, service outage, major breaking errors, and unplanned requests*

  • Response: 2 business hours
  • Resolution: Usually within 4 business hours

*Special Note: If you submit a support request and flag the request as urgent, you will incur a 2x spend of your available hours. In other words, anything labeled as URGENT or ASAP will cost twice as much. We do this to ensure all support clients are taken care of in a timely manner and to limit the abuse of these deeply discounted support packages. Just a little planning will go a long way. 

5.2.2 General Support Requests

This usually includes content changes, tweaks, CMS changes, design support, etc. General support requests should be marked as standard or low priority. If it needs more attention, see 5.2.1 Time-sensitive issues above.

  • Response: 1 business day
  • Resolution: Usually 2 business days

5.2.3 Added Functionality Requests

These requests include new plugins, adding forms, or any other changes requiring more than 2 hours of effort. Added functionality requests should be marked as standard or low priority.

  • Response: 1 business day
  • Resolution: Usually within 3 business days; depends on the complexity

5.2.4 Other Requests

Requests not covered in the scope of this service can be submitted through email support@crowandraven.com and will be referred on to the appropriate individual(s) for follow up, prioritization, and estimation.

6.0 Usage of Monthly Support Hours

6.1 How Plan Hours Work

Depending on the plan selected, you'll receive a fixed number of Crow and Raven support hours each month. These hours do not roll over each month. So, you'll want to select a plan accordingly. For example, let's say you select a plan that includes 5 hours a month of support labor. During the course of the month, you use 4 hours on anything you choose. Then the following month you'll get another 5 hours. However, you remaining hour from the previous month does not roll over to the next month.

6.2 How Additional Hours Work

In addition to your regular monthly hours, you can add additional blocks of hours to your account. These type of hours (listed separately on your dashboard) do roll over from month-to-month, and they do not expire. You can use these hours for any service we offer.

Additional time blocks consist of 10 prepaid hours of labor. You can purchase these from your Dashboard or the Pricing and Plans page.

6.3 Using Hours

Hourly usage first will be deducted from your monthly plan allowance and then from your pool of additional hours. If you have a zero balance of plan hours and a zero balance of additional hours, you have two choices. You can defer the work to the following month, or you can buy a block of additional hours to apply to the tasks.